About the BCRC

Additional Information:

The Blair County Republican Committee is an all-volunteer, elected grassroots organization. Our members are elected in the Primary Election of even-numbered years. 

Two seats are available in each of the 95 ​precincts in Blair County.

Blair County Republican Committee Officers:

Jim Foreman, Chairman

Jesse Ickes, Vice Chair of the 79th Legislative District

Chris Creek, Vice Chair of the 80th Legislative District

Samantha Paule, Recording Secretary

Cheryl Rupp, Corresponding Secretary

A.C. Stickel, Treasurer

Blair County Members of the Republican State Committee:

Bill Ward, Jr.

Patricia Haight

Nancy Head

Blair County Young Republicans Officers:

Chair: Matt Zupon

Vice Chair: Brendan Hoover

Treasurer: Corey Lion

Secretary: Bryce Dunio

Committee List

Click on the links below to download the current members lists for the Republican County Committee. 

(Updated June 2018)